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Using Your Christmas Tree To Learn

If you’ve been in the office, you’ve surely seen our wonderful Christmas Tree. But did you notice something special about it?  If you look closely, you'll notice that there are two of every ornament on the tree!  So, while you’re waiting in the office before your session time, you can use this opportunity talk with your child and develop language skills by finding matches on the tree.  There are several ways to facilitate language using our tree; talk about one match being ‘up high’, or suggest looking ‘below the hat,’ for the match you’re seek ... Read more »

The Ins and Outs of AAC

If you have a child who is non-verbal, extremely difficult to understand, or has limited verbal expression, and they are struggling to communicate, you may be wondering about additional options to help. Using augmentative alternative communication (AAC) may give your child the voice they need to communicate with the world around them. ... Read more »


You know that your child is difficult for you and/or others to understand, but you’re still not quite sure what the problem is. Perhaps your speech-language pathologist (SLP) gave your child a diagnosis and you’ve done your follow-up research; however, you continue to have questions and are unsure what the treatment process looks like. Let’s dig into each speech sound disorder to improve your understanding of childhood apraxia of speech, articulation disorders, and phonological disorders. ... Read more »

Picky Eaters

Do you ever get frustrated because your child only eats chicken nuggets, french fries, and fruit? Are you sick of forcing your child to try new foods? Let’s talk about some helpful strategies for all of your picky little eaters at home. ... Read more »

Transitioning Back to School

As summer is winding down, you and your child are likely beginning to look ahead to the upcoming school year. Perhaps you have mixed feelings about transitioning your child to a new classroom with a new teacher and peers. The unknown may feel overwhelming, but there are some strategies you can do to ensure the transition goes smoothly! ... Read more »

Cobblestones In Riga Latvia

Cobblestones In Riga Latvia

This photo is from a client who was visiting Riga in Latvia. The 17th Century cobblestone street is curving past the Gutenburg Hotel which is housed in 15th and 19th century buildings that were originally printing houses. ... Read more »

Owen Apraxia Walk

Owen Apraxia Walk

Last fall, I attended the 2014 Denver Walk for Apraxia with a client and his family. In my private practice, I have the privilege of working with many children with CAS and appreciate deeply the work of the CASANA community. Walks such as this, are a beneficial experience to share as a Speech professional with the community of families connected to the cause. ... Read more »