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For Kids

What to Expect

First Visit

You will be coming to visit me soon at my office. When you arrive I will greet you and we will have some time to play and get to know each other. I will show you where the games and toys are and you will be able to pick out a couple that we can play with together. You may also bring a toy from home if you would like. Your adult can play with us as well.

I will tell you about myself, things I like, things I don't, my family and my job. I will ask you to tell me some things about yourself as well. You can tell me about anything you want to! Some kids like to tell about silly things that have happened to them, places that they like to go, books that they love (or don't love!), favorite games, movies, toys and people. Some kids want to talk about why they are coming to see me and some kids don't. Either way is O.K. with me.

When you come back

You may come to see me many more times. You may come one time every week, more often or less often. When you come you can bring any of the following 3 things with you (or all of them): a book, some school work (finished or not finished), a toy that you would like to show me. You will also be able to pick out a toy or two from my toy cabinet. You will learn some things while you visit me. Every kid learns different things. You may learn about talking, listening, thinking, writing, playing with friends or something else.

While you are learning I will also be learning! You will teach me more about kids your age. I may need your help with ideas for what other kids might like to read or play with. It is really important for both of us to be ready to learn. When you leave you will take something to learn and practice at home. Sometimes you will borrow one of my toys or games that you will bring back next time you come.

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