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We love Cobblestone! We have worked with several therapists over the past 3 years at Cobblestone. Each one has been easy to work with and adaptable to my sons needs. Due to Covid restrictions, we are seeing Kimberly remotely every week. I wasn't sure if remote therapy would be a great fit for my son, but she has made the transition extremely easy and engaging. He continues to work on and gain skills with every session. Kimberly is able to hold his attention for most of the session. Way to adapt Cobblestone! Thank you.
Jenn Grey –5 year-old son

We moved here last year and found Cobblestone to continue my then 4 year olds Apraxia therapy with Miss Samantha. Last week he had his last session. It’s been a wonderful year working with Samantha and Lynn and we are going to miss them so much. Samantha was a great therapist and worked so well with my son. Lynn is such a wonderful, kind, and caring woman and I truely enjoyed our afternoon chats. She runs her business so professionally, yet when you walk in the door, you feel like family. We had some issues with our insurance company and she worked so hard to get things fixed so that we didn’t have to deal with them ourselves.
Stacy Cote – 4 year-old son

My husband and I are grateful to Cobblestone for everything they have done for our daughter Scarlett. We have had the pleasure of working with Lynn and it has been a life changing experience for our whole family. Scarlett has gained so much confidence in her abilities and we feel fortunate to have had this opportunity to work with them on her speech goals. We know that with their tools she will have a different level of learning than that of her peers. In addition, Jodie has been a delight to work with from getting us started to answering any questions we have in a timely manner. They treat you like part of the family and they truly care about your child.
Alana Kelly – 8 year-old daughter

Lynn is an amazing speech therapist. I have taken my son to many speech therapists over the years for his apraxia and he always makes the most improvement with Lynn. She not only helps him with his speech, but also with his self-esteem. This has been key when it comes to communicating with others. Lynn has a way of working with him that is special and unique. He feels valued and looks forward to getting to play with her every week. I frequently recommend her to other parents. She is truly the best!
Debra – 8 year-old son

My son had problems with lots of sounds and his speech had some delay, making it very hard to understand him. We’ve been seeing Lynn for 6 months now. Everyone in our family, as well as his preschool, has noticed the progress he has made. I am very happy with Lynn’s approach. My son is shy and doesn’t talk much around people, but she makes him feel comfortable. Not only does he love going to the sessions, but he always wants to bring something with him to show her. I am also very impressed with her and her staff’s professionalism. They are very good at communicating with us, accommodating last minute schedule changes, and are very friendly. I would highly recommend Lynn. If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, please don’t wait until they are tested. I wish I had started earlier with the speech sessions. The earlier your child begins speech therapy, not only the sooner they will finish, but the more confidence they will have.
Missy – 4 year-old son

My son is 4 years old and has CAS. We have been working with Lynn Zimmerman since October 2013. Lynn has changed our lives. She is a gifted SLP and when other SLPs stopped believing in him, Lynn believed in him. Lynn always believes in the children.

My son was officially diagnosed at the age of 2 years old through Children’s Hospital of Denver. The SLP’s prognosis was very grim. Because we had already suspected apraxia, we had already been doing Early Intervention with an SLP that presented herself as an expert in apraxia. She was not. She quit after working with him for over a year, citing that he wasn’t progressing and she couldn’t help us. We then had another SLP, but my son was still progressing at a snail’s pace. It did indeed seem like the grim prognosis could be a reality. After attending the Denver CASANA conference, I realized I needed to change SLPs and change our treatment. That is when I found Lynn Zimmerman. We currently see her three times a week for thirty/forty minutes a session and she is the main reason our grim prognosis has changed to a good prognosis.

My son came to Lynn with minimal words (yes, no) and little success in communicating. He would shut down immediately when working with his other SLPs, but Lynn opened up a whole new world for him and now he is a hard worker that loves to use his words. Lynn made him feel successful. We still have a long road ahead of us, but the road is easier to travel because we have Lynn walking alongside us.

Lynn is passionate about apraxia and she is passionate about helping children. She collaborates well with my son’s other therapists, and I see her as someone who is willing to work and educate others on CAS.
Renee – 4 year-old son

My husband and I are so pleased to have this chance to recommend Lynn Zimmerman as your speech therapist. Lynn is very dedicated to her profession and cares deeply about her clients. She makes great strides during therapy and we are appreciative of the special way she interacts with our son, now age 5.

Our son has been seeing Lynn for more than 2 years. When his preschool teacher first recommended he see a speech therapist, he had very limited speech and letter sounds. We were challenged with our inability to communicate with him and he was showing signs of withdrawal and frustration. A friend sent us to Lynn Zimmerman, MA, CCC-SLP. Lynn was able to work with him to create a plan to resolve his speech issues.

Lynn is creative, kind, incredibly smart, and unbelievably insightful at knowing when and in what direction to go, as well as which exercises he needs. Our son enjoys his sessions with Lynn and she has a way of turning hard work into a fun, game-like experience. Speech therapy has been and is a life-changing event for him. We can’t imagine our son going through life and not being able to talk.

We cannot adequately express our heartfelt gratitude and love for what Lynn has accomplished with our son. We cherish Lynn and her expertise. Many times we have discussed how thankful and lucky we are for being blessed with Lynn in his life and ours. Anyone who seeks speech or language intervention with Lynn Zimmerman can be certain that her efforts will yield the maximum success that is possible.
Kathy –5 year-old son

Lynn Zimmerman at Cobblestone Speech Therapy is an incredible speech therapist. She is so successful at what she does because she genuinely cares about your child, their happiness, and their ability to be successful. Her vast knowledge of speech issues, how each child is unique (without labels), and how she understands the challenges many kids face make her the right fit for any child. One of her special abilities is creating a comfortable, inviting, and fun environment for your child to learn in, so they don't even know they are doing speech therapy! Lynn is so flexible about the session and catering to the needs of your child. She will move the session outside on a gorgeous day if that’s where your child wants to be. She gets down on the floor with them, and can turn anything into a speech lesson (even that special toy they've been carrying with them for weeks). She truly makes the whole thing so fun that your child will ask to come back! She is truly a gifted therapist with the heart to match.
Melissa – 7 year-old son

Ms. Lynn is an amazing speech therapist. She has helped my daughter's speech tremendously. My daughter has come such a long way in such a short amount of time with Ms. Lynn. I appreciate all the help she has given us. I would recommend her to any parent that is searching for a great speech therapist for their child.
Kristen – 4 year-old daughter

We were referred to Cobblestone Speech by our pediatrician. Our 4 year-old son had minor speech delays and we were unsure if we wanted to pursue speech therapy. After about 7 months of visits with Ms. Lynn, my son is speaking so much more clearly and I have many strategies to continue helping him on our own. I would highly recommend Lynn. My son looked forward to his appointments. They were fun and challenging at the same time and he learned so much. We could not be happier with our decision to get our son some extra help with his speech.
Terry – 4 year-old son

I came to Cobblestone Speech through a recommendation from our pediatrician and am thrilled with the results. Lynn has been working with my 3 year-old son on a weekly basis for about a year and the progression has been amazing. She has a great ability to be both efficient and fun, while still setting boundaries and getting my son to work and participate in activities he enjoys. Lynn is great in explaining what is involved with his speech therapy and how I can actively aid in his therapy at home. I highly recommend Lynn Zimmerman. She is very accommodating, caring, and incredibly helpful.
Lori – 3 year-old son

I can’t say enough about Cobblestone Speech Therapy and Lynn! My husband and I interviewed several speech therapists, and found Lynn to be incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to a child’s success.

In just a few weeks, we started seeing results in our grandson. Not only did we notice his speech had improved, but we noticed his self-confidence had as well. He is now able to communicate clearly with his peers and teachers. His speech continues to improve every day!
Yvonne – 5 year-old grandson

After coming to the realization that my 4 year-old daughter was still having a very hard time learning how to speak, we found Cobblestone Speech Therapy. Lynn has not only changed my daughter’s life, but she has changed mine as well. Not being able to teach my daughter how to express herself was very scary for both of us. Being able to understand someone you love, and being understood by someone you love, is often taken for granted. There is so much anxiety and worry that has escaped from my life knowing that my daughter is in good hands. Seeing my daughter communicate without ending up enraged, angry, and sad is such a blessing. Lynn creates a very loving, safe, and generously warm atmosphere where kids and parents can unwind and work on fundamental, quality communication. Lynn has taught me how important it is to give kids a break from the very busy life we live these days. Children need time to play with their parents to develop, watch, and practice without being rushed. I am so grateful for the time she gives to my child and we both look forward to seeing her every week!
Jamie – 4 year-old daughter

Whether it was a new craft, game, book, or letting her borrow a special toy, Lynn always went above and beyond to get my daughter interested in coming to speech. Lynn really got to know her on a deeper level so that she would listen to and respect her. Speech started to become an activity my daughter looked forward to and enjoyed, and she improved very quickly because of that. I can say with confidence that we made the right decision in bringing her to Lynn. She is thriving now, and is very understandable. "Miss Lynn" will always be a friend, and we talk about her often.
Mary – 4 year-old daughter

Ms. Lynn Zimmerman has been a blessing in helping with my son’s speech. When we first arrived, he would only point and babble in order to communicate. He is now not only speaking in full sentences, but also has high confidence in himself. Lynn is very patient, sweet, caring, and encouraging and my son looks forward to seeing her every week. He always has a lot of fun!
Lisa – 5 year-old son

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